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Quick Weight loss???!!!

In the last month , I have watched my husband lose about 20 pounds! He puts on weight during the year and then all at once, he just decides to hit the gym and 5 am and eat little or nothing during the week -for a drastic weight loss! (SCUBA diving season).

This last time, I noticed that it was taking a toll on him. As he gets older and closer to 50 , I mentioned to him my concern about this diet routine. Of course, everyone knows how detrimental it can be on your system to have such a quick weight loss from basically “starving”- loss of muscle mass, dizziness, bad breath  as well as  a general feeling of malaise. I was also concerned about all of the driving back and forth, the intense exercise schedule and little or no food to give him the added energy to function throughout the day. When he complained of dizziness last week, he finally got it, and began to eat normally.

Of course, now he looks great and is exactly where he wants to be (give a few pounds).

I share this story because as I struggle with 30-40 pounds of weight I want off, he easily gets rid of it in no time! Fortunately (or unfortunately) , starving is not my thing!!




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