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Meniscus (knee injury)issues

Whatever you do, try very hard to lose those unwanted pounds as soon as you can!

Once those issues begin, it is worse than the actual weight itself. I am in the process of losing and went hiking with my family 2 months ago. I injured my knee really bad but continued to exercise, jog , etc. It would not heal and so I went to see a Sports Medicine doctor last week. I went in for X-rays and will also schedule an MRI to see what the problem is, but I heard him mention something about a meniscus tear.

I researched it last night and am really MAD at myself for not losing ALL unwanted pounds earlier. Research says extra pounds as we get older will begin to assist in wearing on our knees and hips!

Believe me, I am TRULY back on my calorie counting and swimming, walking, and exercise bike (no jogging for now)!!!





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